We seek for every person to find their place in ministry. Everyone has unique gifts, talents, and abilities that can be used to further God’s kingdom. We hope you find your place not only to grow but also to use your God given gifts, talents, and abilities. If you are interested in being a part of any of the following areas of ministry, please let us know. And don’t be discouraged if you don’t find your fit right away. Sometimes it may take time to discover where God desires for you to be part of expanding His kingdom.
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We value prayer as the foundation for  all that we do as God’s people. We realize that for true revival to come we need to be people of prayer. We meet weekly to lift up each other, our city and our nation in prayer.
Christ called us to make disciples as we live our lives. We seek to help each individual discover the rhythms in our spiritual lives and learn to pass those rhythms on to others.
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As followers of Christ, it is important to be connected to each other to help each other grow. Each week we gather to study the Bible together and help each other through the journey of life.
Worship is a time we gather together to proclaim together what God means to us. We meet Sunday mornings @ 10:30am for our worship at Reyes Elementary School in the small gym.